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Tailored to meet your needs

Flexibility should be fundamental to any Care Agency, and at Lifelong Home Care Services it is the foundation of everything we believe in. Like no two people, no two care packages are ever the same.

And by offering an option that is tailored to meet your specific needs, you will never want to go anywhere else.

Night Care

For those who wish to receive on-going support throughout the night, you will be invited to take advantage of our Night Care services.

Your carer will be constantly on hand throughout the night to provide you with all your care needs. Or even just a person to talk to in those long lonely hours.

Emergency Response

Thanks to the wealth of experience within our network of healthcare professionals, Lifelong Home Care Services can response to any requirement for emergency care with speed.

From short term requirements following an accident through to ad-hoc emergency support, we can provide the flexibility and professionalism to ensure you always get the services you need, when you need them most.

Holiday Support Service

For anyone that needs a significant level of care, taking any sort of trip can be quite unnerving. But with Lifelong Holiday Support Services you can take your care with you.

Our wonderful team of experts give you the same level of care anywhere in the UK or abroad, giving you the opportunity to fulfil your dreams with confidence.

Live-in Care

Even if you need full-time support, Lifelong Live-In-Care can ensure you receive all the care necessary from the comfort of your own home.

Such a service offers highly skilled professional attention to the same standard as you would in any residential nursing facility, but in the place that you love most.

Respite Services

Anything from a few hours through to two weeks holiday is all that is needed to ensure carers get the break they need.

And Lifelong Respite services can provide that opportunity, with all carers safe in the knowledge that everything at home is being taken care of by the very best.

Sitting and Sleep-in Services

Both our sitting and sleep in services are designed to offer confidence and security. No matter when you need support or comfort, Lifelong Home Care Services will be there.

Day or night, our professional carers will be just a few moments away should you need help with mobility, toileting, or just to get a glass of water.


After a term in hospital or residential care, our re-ablement services help you get back on your feet. Or if you are currently receiving care but want to take back your independence, then we can help.

Our expert team can create a tailored re-ablement plan for your recovery so that you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Escort Services

For one off support to attend a wedding, birthday party or even for Christmas Day. Or if you would like regular escort services to attend clubs or family get-togethers, Lifelong Home Care Services offer friendly and fully qualified escorts who can ensure you are able to enjoy any event to the full.

Personal Budget Management

Use the experiences of our highly qualified professionals to ensure you have full flexibility and control over all elements of your personal care budget.

With our knowledge of both national and local policies, Lifelong Home Care Services can provide you with all the support you need to ensure you make the choices that best suit your needs.


Whether you prefer someone to draw up your shopping list and shop for you or you would like to come with us, shopping is a great way to get know our clients and their preferences.

And by having a strict policy on producing receipts for all spending, you can rest assured your money is as safe as you are.

Domestic Services

One of the main reasons people tend to feel they must move into a nursing facility is becasue they cannot keep up with their own laundry, cleaning or cooking.

But simply by tasking us with your domestic services, we can make sure you are able to stay where you belong, without feeling a burden to anyone.

Prescription Collection

If you need help managing or collecting medication then Lifelong Home Care Services is the answer. Our highly experienced team ensure all your medicinal requirements are managed effectively so that both regular and ad-hoc prescriptions are collected in plenty of time to ensure you never run out.

And if you need help administering the medication, we can do that too.

Personal Care

Sometimes in life, a little extra discretion is required. And the Lifelong Personal Care team are here to provide it.

From bathing, dressing and bed routines through to mealtimes, administering medication or dealing with incontinence and nausea, our friendly but unobtrusive team have the know-how to ensure you are always happy and comfortable.

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