About Us

Lifelong Home Care Services was created to fill a gap in the market to provide focused, tailored homecare services that support individuals of all ages in maintaining their independence and their individuality in their own homes. We don’t deal in numbers and we don’t deal in deadlines. We deal with people who need help. And we are so pleased to be in a position to provide it.

From long term care programs, through to short term support, our entire highly experienced team are dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible both in and around the home. For most of us, home is the best place to be. It relieves stress, it provides comfort and it can encourage the healing process, which is why we have put together a range of essential services that can make staying at home possible and more viable, without burdening family and friends.

Lifelong Home Care Services have brought together a range of amiable and fully qualified healthcare professionals that want to fulfil our dream of providing the right service for every individual person who needs our help, without compromising on the respect and deference they deserve.

If you would like to know more about our standard services or would like to understand how Lifelong Home Care Services has the ability to meet your exact needs, please pick up the phone or drop us a line.

We are here to make life easier for everyone, and we pride ourselves on doing the best possible job we can.

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